Log Cabin Library
As soon as I saw the cover of The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow with those lovely silhouettes in the windows, I jumped at the chance to read it. ... Think tea sandwiches, biscuits, crumpets, and buns, balls and parties with girls in corsets wearing flowery gowns, fancy hats and the posh finery of silver hat pins in the shape of a rose. An utterly delightful setting for a mystery.
The Storytellers, newsletter of The Children's Hour
Readers will enjoy these intrepid heroes as they foil kidnappers, solve messages coded in ciphers, uncover police corruption, discover explosive devices, and devour iced buns, while attempting to bring the villainous Baron to justice.
Historical Novel Review, Issue 79
Sophie is a courageous heroine, and Lil and Billy are plucky, lovable sidekicks. The glamor of the fictional Sinclair’s department store is beautifully presented, as are other setting details, bringing to life early 1900s London, when large department stores were new and exciting. …  Recommended.
Orange Marmalade
Fast-paced, with a bit of an old-fashioned sensibility in the dialogue in keeping with their Edwardian time period, these will make excellent reads especially for younger girls who zip through books like a hot knife in butter. Advanced readers as young as 9 could enjoy these, as well as middle-graders and up who are looking for a mystery-adventure that’s not overly dark.
… the setting and characters are just so enchanting and delicious…
School Library Journal
A truly exciting novel that will appeal to lovers of historical fiction as well as adventure and detective stories. It may also entice readers who enjoy fashion history and city life.
Kirkus Reviews: Entertaining new girl detective series
An Edwardian shopgirl, accused of a theft she didn't commit, solves the dastardly deed with the help of her new friends... Her co-workers are textbook mean girls, but Sophie soon makes unusual friends: Billy, the scruffy mystery-lover; Lil, the cheerful store model and aspiring actress; and Joe, the wounded boy who's escaped a life working for the crime lord known as the Baron... [W]hen the jeweled clockwork sparrow is stolen and Sophie is fired over suspicion for the crime, they band together to solve it themselves... The first entry in an entertaining new girl detective series.