Picture of Learning Palette Starter Set - 1st Grade

Learning Palette Starter Set - 1st Grade

Publisher: Learning Wrap-Ups
LP-1SS $19.99
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Learning Palette is the FUN, HANDS ON, SELF-CORRECTING learning game that teaches essential grade-appropriate skills without batteries or electricity. The Starter Kit includes a Learning Palette Base with 12 grade-appropriate learning cards covering essential math sills. Starter Kits simplify your initial order and provide a $5 savings, yet still offer the ease of adding any of the over 50 different titles covering Reading and Math for grades K-4.

This set contains the following cards: Counting 9-12, Counting by 5s, Combinations of 10, Basic Elements of Addition, Basic Elements of Subtraction, Understanding <,>, =, Sequencing, Sequencing of Events, and Matching Shapes (Real to Abstract).

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Learning Wrap-Ups
Learning Wrap-Ups
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