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Base for Learning Palette

Publisher: Learning Wrap-Ups
LP-B100 $14.99
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Learning Palette base and Learning Palette cards are both essential components of the Learning Palette. Base and cards are sold separately. The Learning Palette base includes 12 colored answer disks, an instructional card, and a self-containing lid and works with all card titles.

• Easy and Fun to use
• Classroom tested
• Works with all curriculum
• Allows students to work at their own pace
• Unique Self-correction

How to use the Learning Palette
1. Remove the small colored disks
2. Position card, question side up, on the Learning Palette
3. Answer questions by placing their corresponding colored disk in the slot containing the answer
4. Upon completion, turn the card over to check the answers. If done correctly, the colors on the card will match those of the disks. For more review, the questions and their correct answers are also shown on this side.

Please click here for a flash demonstration.
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