Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary (IR)

Publisher: Usborne
Flexi-binding 978-0-7945-2143-1 $12.99
Library 978-1-60130-226-7 $20.99
Binding Definitions
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The Usborne Illustrated Elementary Math tells it straight and simple, explaining everything children and parents need in order to understand basic level math. This book will help to lay a firm foundation for confidence and success in math. Readers can dip in for quick explanations or work through by subject to build up knowledge step-by-step.
  • Clear Definitions of over 450 key terms and concepts
  • Hundreds of useful examples and illustrations
  • Links to the best math websites the internet has to offer

Series: Illustrated Math Dictionaries
Fantastic homework helpers! Each includes clear explanations of key terms and concepts and hundreds of examples and illustrations.
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