Girls Behind the Camera & Girls for the Vote (CV) (IR)

Publisher: Usborne
Paperback 978-0-7945-4833-9 $8.99
Library 978-1-60130-485-8 $14.99
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Discover the extraordinary lives of the inspiring girls who have lived throughout history at 6 Chelsea Walk. 1895: Cecily is enchanted when she meets Rosalind, a photographer, but Cecily's father refuses to let her help Rosalind; can Cecily follow her dreams? 1914: When Polly discovers her neighbors are suffragettes, fighting for women's right to vote, she is determined to join them, but her parents are scandalized; will Polly dare to defy them? Set before and after the turn of the twentieth century, these stories follow two incredible girls, standing up for what they believe in.
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