Illustrated Stories of Mermaids

Publisher: Usborne
Hardback 978-0-7945-5338-8 $14.99
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Discover the mysterious selkies of the Scottish seas and the haunting Philippine tale of the curse of Sirena. Meet the merman from China whose tears turn to pearls and Hans Christian Anderson's brave little mermaid, pursuing her dream. These nine stories, beautifully illustrated and full of wonder, will whisk you from the bottom of the Arabian sea to rivers, deep in the Trinidadian rainforest. Includes: The Mermaid of Zennor, The Sea Princess, Mam Dlo, Jing and the Pearls, Sirena, Alonzo and the Yara, Melusine, The Seal Catcher, and The Little Mermaid.

Series: Illustrated Stories
Beautifully illustrated collections of classics and original tales.
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