Mindful Activities (QR)

Publisher: Usborne
Paperback 978-0-7945-5459-0 $9.99
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Enjoy moments of calm with these mindful activities. From gentle breathing to peaceful doodling, each activity will help you tune into the here and now. Includes QR code links to calming music that can be listened to while doing the activities.

Series: Unworry Activity Books
These illustrated, write-in books are perfect for distracting you from any anxieties, calming you down, and taking a little time to breathe, focus, and be calm, with the help of some friendly sloths. Includes a variety of activities, from things to write, color, and design, to calm-down tactics and relaxation exercises. With links to Usborne Quicklinks with specially selected websites for more activities and fun.
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Kane Miller
Kane Miller